Concert Music


Dr Brahms’s Book of Rags (A Miscellany of Hemiola Hijinks and Other Syncopated Musings). A collection of 16 rags based on Brahms’s Sixteen Waltzes op. 39. Written for pianist Ann DuHamel, and funded by a University of Minnesota Imagine Fund Award.

Playing Brahms. In two movements. Written for pianist Ann DuHamel.

My Wounded Head 1. My Wounded Head 1 was written for pianist Xiayin Wang. Recorded live at Carnegie Hall.

My Wounded Head 3. My Wounded Head 3 is a 70+ minutes-long piano piece released on Mode Records in 2016. Written for and performed by pianist Rob Haskins.

Die Kunst der Disney. 12 fugues for solo piano based on classic Disney tunes. Performed by pianists Benjamin Steinhardt and Evan Kory.

Playing Schumann. For solo piano. Written for and performed by pianist Evan Kory.

Prepared Piano

Repeated Measures.


Four Voices. Sampled from a Balinese lullaby.


Making Love. For voice and piano. Poems by James Laughlin.

To Look. For voice and piano. Based on an imagined final letter written by Virginia Woolf.

To Look. Version for voice, string orchestra, piano, harp and percussion.

Small Ensemble

The History of Flight. For flute, clarinet, violin, cello and piano.

For Every Deed, A Duration. For viola and piano.

J’s Box. For five oboes, clarinet, 2 violins, cello and piano.


When Snow Falls

Schoenberg-Chan Three Movements from Six Little Pieces op. 19 no.2, 3 and 4